The programming, sometimes referred to as “the fun part”, is the writing of the source-code itself. It is an activity and an art-form of which we take great pride. But this is a special kind of pride, of which you are actually allowed to be wrong just as long as new experiences are gained. It’s an iterative and continuous learning process that will never end. This is just as true for our junior programmers as it is for our seasoned senior programmers. Since we have managed to build a strong team-feeling, no-one is ever stuck for long. Help is always just around the corner, everyone is aware of everyone else’s strengths and weaknesses. We have a work-environment where expertise is highly contagious. And the thirst for new techniques, tools and tricks-of-the-trade, is ever-present. This all serves as great advantages for our clients, first and foremost.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code. Linus Torvalds

Allright Linus. Head over to our github page to have a look at our opensource projects..

Programming Languages

These are the programming languages that we know and use:

Types of applications

In the cloud we can do whatever we want, since we leverage Docker for micro-service architecture. Most services usually end up being written with Node.js (Javascript) or Python.

Sometimes our clients require applications where both the business logic and user-interfaces are running on local systems. Then we go for Qt, of which we have deep knowledge.

The most exciting type, in our opinion. We leverage tools like Tensorflow, R, Matlab and the Anaconda-stack to make data-analyses and predictive models with machine-learning